Thursday, March 10, 2011

The psychology behind gardening

I don't know, what a garden is which has attracted to the people You. But you were always very popular and as an integral part of the Way of life of the people. The majority of religions have gardens as the configuration of some of the largest events that, according to Christianity, humanity began in a garden, and the son of God was resurrected in a garden. Buddhist Create to penetrate gardens so that the nature in your environment. Almost all Grand Palace and the Government House is a garden. But what is so great about you? Finally, these are just a lot of plants.

Course is pretty obvious behind why people eat in the explanatory statement grow Gardens. It is to eat! If you are outside of the fat of the land and reality of life Survive in terms of your garden, is easy to understand the reasoning. But I am thinking of those people that plants gardens of flowers for the for reasons of Nice. There is no direct benefit that I see; You Just a bunch of flowers are there in your garden. To think that. Generally on the motivation of planting decorative gardens, I have several possible theories developed.

I believe that one of the reasons people garden love is so much while You have a natural desire for progress and industrialization, deep within us all It is a primal love for nature. This request may not be as strong as the desire of modernism, is strong enough that you create we require Gardens, small pictures of nature, in all our noise and Hustle and bustle. Already is in the nature is like the regression at an earlier stage Humanity, can return we also for a period of comfort and absolute happiness. For gardens are so soothing and relaxing than this. For this reason

the gardens are a good place to meditate and be Tai Chi exercises. It is a garden a way to escape from the hectic world.I have sometimes thought that perhaps as human beings we feel a kind of guilt Day trip to the restoration of nature and take care of. This fault could of come.know, not personally, but as a career, we have that the destroyed much of the nature to get where we are today. It is the least for we can Create a small garden in memory of all the trees, to kill every day.It is my theory, that this is the reason of the majority of people to in the garden as a hobby.

Gardening is definitely a healthy habit, however, don't me wrong. All Hobby, the physical activity helps the environment and improved the diet is not a bad thing. So no matter which underlying It is a psychological cause for gardening, I think that everyone should continue to do. In the United States in particular dealing with obesity and pollution than their two major problems, I believe that it can serve only the gardening to improve the State of the world.

Of course I am not a psychologist; I'm only curious gardener. I often stay spend hours wondering what makes garden. What is it that makes it go? outside for a few hours every day with my tools of the gardens and to facilitate the increase in the cases of plants that grow naturally an own on? (I) It may be never known, but in this case, ignorance is truly bliss.

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