Thursday, March 10, 2011

The horrors of hail

Is one of the most dangerous, what can happen to your plantsTime. Many a garden has demolished during the night for this reason been Phenomenon. And, apparently, there is nothing we can do to prevent it. The of course, if the time is not available at all and would not nice sunny days, the positive impact on the growth of our plants. But then Once again, we had not the tragic hailstorms, which all tear We've worked long to grow hours.

When the rain begins to fall, the first reaction of the gardener is usually pure Joy. After all, that means that you don't have to worry to leave and Watering by hand. The case of the natural rain can not all good for be may all your thirsty plants? Now begins the same fielder For see the rain falls beautiful converted in small globules of ice, typically a Total emotional breakdown is in order. I know this from experience,because, when I was a flower gardener was fully my gardendemolished by 10 minutes of intense hail.

When found out that my lesson on hail damage can be done quickly developed a method to cope. I began to have large vessels within 10 meters My garden so no sign of a hail out run and have could Plants in a matter of seconds. This saved from me forced See that my plants on several occasions in pieces were torn. You have never Try to heat more than an inch in diameter, but I guess if There are any pieces the size of baseball would then have the pots quickly demolished.

However, the number of sensitive plants in my garden grew, was in the a little practical have a pot for every plant and run, to each set before that you had produced already substantial damage. At last You think, is that he stopped the construction of a mechanism of horizontal, retractable screen a strong but flexible wire mesh made. Could any sign of rain Remove all the screen on my garden and have instant protection. Not may only by rain, but the hail collected always stable trickle of water for a day later. This project has me several hundreds of dollars and more blood, sweat and tears, which can be You measure with $ of the Earth. Therefore, it would recommend not for everyone.

If it too late to lost their precious plants for you, and you recently the evil balls ice, then likely are looking for some form of To do so, they contribute to recover the plants. Unfortunately, they are not many opportunities for you.The best thing to do is you give the delicate care you deserve, and Try you nurse, health over a long period of time. The some weeks after by hail are important if the plant survived or not. If you expect more rain or wind, you must keep the plants. At this stage fragile including drops of water or a strong Breeze could cause more damage.

If you know the frequent hail in an area life, so should You have in any case some contingency plan, to protect their investments. Sitting and see how it is, you never torn to shreds should be an option.

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