Thursday, March 10, 2011

My first experience of in the garden work

Remember my first experience ah, today of garden work. ERA

Disaster that thought that I would never back garden. (I)

almost decided to create more to anger my casual hobby object

It may be to me.

It all started a few weeks after, that I put my first House. ERA

excited over have to cut my grass, had he already were in apartments

and condominiums for quite some time. Under the plans for painting walls and renew

the inner, just like I like, I thought it would be a good idea

Start Orchard, which have some frescoes and put my could

Courtyard use. At that time not really knew nothing in absolute envelope

gardening. But I decided in my years brave youth, that you don't need

Aid. As hard possible is to start a garden and grow things? After all, are

It occurs in nature at any time, and no one has yet to do.

Already had a patch grassless in my garden, where appeared the

Previous owner tried to a garden. But any attempt been made

It was a total farce. The area was filled with rocks and weeds,

no signs of a pleasant plants. I spent several hours work

distributed over several days, you delete the entire area, so that nothing but

Dirt. At this time but I knew the difference between not

"Dirt" and "Earth". I'm trying to sterile, hard, nutritionless, and

Unforgiving land.

He made some attempt look to make my garden; Although I that even think

Martha Stewart would have difficulties. I took some plates discovered

They were sitting in my basement (is not very practical,?) and uses them as

an edge to my garden to keep away all pests that could no longer move

that a foot (I thought, it certainly dwarfs were before the lawn). I have the battery

Rock Garden, a dissuasive sanctuary search picked up.

the front of. I don't know what I was thinking, if I did.

On the same day I went to the store and tasty collected as it seemed.

Strawberries? Insurance! Watermelon? Yes! Pirated, a hole in the

Hard rock terrain and the seed to penetrate. After that I think that the watered

faithful was every day for several weeks before it's not

We will grow everything. But even if I had this realization, I continued

the water in the hope of my seeds, to draw a scheme of the last minute to me. But

I knew that there was no hope, and was destroyed. After all these hours

Pull weeds and throwing stones in a stack, I have no fruit show

my work.

For this reason, feeling has discouraged and betrayed, Internet and locate logged

for a guide to the gardening. I ran to quickly that a Web site,

in the consciousness of the true ability for gardening. It was then I knew that

Consistency of the soil, nutrients, ideal conditions for irrigation, and all stations

These things. I have learned after reading in my area and how cultivating fruits,

exactly, what you do. I learned how get the ideal soil, if in the

Seeds, how much water, etc... Just one night in the Internet browsing and

Print sources, and I was totally ready for the next season of plants.

If you are in the position, it was, and is only a new start itching

Garden... Please learn from my mistake. Make sure that make a lot

appropriate types of plant research that will grow along with

The climate. Money for good soil, manure good and good garden

Tools. I hope to go through the emotional disaster as

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