Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to prepare your garden fo winter

Some people believe that, if the time begins, colder and the Leaves start to fall, it is time to find the tools of the gardens and wait to work in his garden until next spring. Not good. The winter is one important time to maintain the health of your garden and ensure a good Cultures, for the next year. You may think that it would take to prepare your Garden, but the truth is that there is less than a day to prepare their
Garden for the next winter.

When the night-time temperatures to less than 45 degreesFahrenheit for more than four days in a row, or frost is expected to Their proximity (usually around the end of October or November) know that its time to You begin to prepare your garden. It should start by you your garden Design, test, which plants in the last season, and which grew the plants It is good. It is a good time to decide which plants will remain Garden next year, and that he has to go.

It is to choose a good time, which new plants to grow. For make colorful and healthy your garden, further ensuring only grow more Plants in the autumn that can survive in the winter hardy. A few Plants that are planted in the autumn: Rudbeckia, Aster Novi-be Anemone japonica, panicle Hyandea, Endive, Escarole, and Brussels sprouts. You can find these and horticulture in moreMagazines or your local nursery.

After you do this, you should start to clean your garden.First remove the weeds that have arisen and return pleaseLeaves. Weeds and rotten leaves can bring insects and diseases that could be harmful for your garden. Also you should remove your garden annual spent the plants and their vegetables and other plants that can resist The winter weather. After autumn are gone and has, the leaves are disabled the trees and you see the rotten branches. The unwanted cropping Branches of the trees, it is not necessary for the health of the gardens, but can Later, it helps not branches in its installations and lock not too much of the Sun.

If you young trees of which you as a wrapping and support You help with operations to survive the wind and cold of winter. Put A useful method to protect can compost on your garden in winter Plants of the sudden changes of temperature and snow. Mulch can You use inches strips of bark, pine needles or a variety of other materials. You must be careful of not paid too early, because some insects can live and be able to take refuge in him for the Winter.

When you are done your gardens tools should be cleaned to you and Make sure that you are in a safe place, where you not rust and you know where will be next year. Set before the winter.It was dismissive of therapeutic indications such as snails are one of the worst mistakes in its Garden. If you have a pool or fountain in the garden, be sure to take each fish in you and bring you in. There is nothing sadder than a frozen in a block of ice fishing.

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