Saturday, February 12, 2011

The sugar and the pH Miracle diet

PH diet puts emphasis on a balanced approach to eating. Optimal health is possible to limit eating acid and increased alkaline food intake. Sugar is a key factor in the fight against the acidic pH values. Sugar is an epidemic in our modern world. The average American 2-3 consumed pounds of sugar every week that translated into more than 135 pounds per person per year sugar. This alarming number is attributed to the popularity of sugar as an additive. Sugar is everywhere, hidden in various forms. Sucrose, Traubenzucker-and high fructose corn syrup is the active ingredient in food processing everything and spices. This highly sweeteners leave a bitter taste in the mouths of those who start on nutrition pH due to their universal acceptance as a "necessary evil"

Effects radical of sugar in the levels of insulin, the body has no chance to fight against damage. If the insulin levels; do the release of growth hormone. This growth hormones affect the immune system, leaving the body open to a wide range of illnesses and diseases. Insulin inhibits the ability of the body to fight weight gain and high triglycerides. Simply place the largest in simple sugars is a food, the more likely promote fat storage in the body. These stored fat cells, the hosting acid waste which in turn reduce the structure of red blood cells in the blood.

Sugar also fights for control of development of cells in the body with vitamin c. Vitamin C and simple sugars are quite similar from a structural point of view. As the level of sugar in the body to upload competition entering the cell. If there is a greater concentration of sugar in the blood which will allow more sugar in thirsty leave no small cells or no room for vitamin c,. No effects Vitamn C phagocytizing are in cellular structures able to ward off attacks from viruses and bacteria. Low white blood cell counts as a weakened immune system is not strong enough to protect the body.

Missing sugar, vitamins and minerals and trace elements essential to absorption steals it to metabolize in the system to help. Do not replace these micronutrients, create a deficit. This deficiency causes the cells of fat and cholesterol not metabolised leads to high blood pressure and obesity. Increase the ability of sugar, insulin levels artificially finally leaves dysfunctional pancreas and dependent on sugar body. This is often called diabetes. Gallstones, mood disorders, including asthma and heart disease have attributed to simple sugars. With all the negative implications which the sugar been clinically relative is surprised that sugar of also one of the most sour things can be implemented in your body.

Cancer is the most dangerous outcome of serious sugar unit. Cells nourish lactic acid. This lactic acid is produced by fermentation of glucose in the liver transported. A more acidic pH value is produced by the accumulation of lactic acid in cancer cells, the very sour type of cancer tumours is proof of that. The link between sugar and healthy levels of acid in the blood stream is specified on the connection of glucose (sugar) and cancer cells. Simple are sugar just a gift for the body which eventually deteriorate the quality of cell development and suppress the immune system by at the time of the error.

The balance of the alkaline diet 80% 20% acid can induction of food drinks and supplements reduce the risk of the disease in the body. With more complex the simple sugars or sweeteners to replace such as stevia, based on alkali can reduce health problems a dependency simple sugars and avoid. Be aware of ingredient to analyse labels carefully, and many names that hide in simple sugars. Become education on how the body metabolism, simple, and sugars, can be broken down as carbohydrates simple sugars in the blood stream. By arming you with information can improve your quality of life.

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