Monday, February 7, 2011

Diabetes and pH Miracle diet

Diabetes is the third leading cause of death in the United States. The most common cause of death for children is even more shocking. Rising rates of obesity in this country also led to increasing rates of diabetes type II (also called diabetes adult). Today, one in 12 adults are affected by this disease. This means that more than 16 million people not diagnosed the disease, with 6 million you walk and aware of their status as sensitive insulin.

Type II diabetes creates further ageing, obesity, poor diet, high stress and physical inactivity. All of these conditions back to a Ursprung… Acid high. Selection of food and over acid lifestyles showed negative effects on health of rising rates of diabetes in the country.

Diabetes is an old disorder. It is known for thousands of years and is only now that it has become an epidemic. Part of the problem is that the type of diabetes a mystery even in adult education. People understand how insulin in the body and insulin metabolism health impact. Modern medical science has some misconceptions about the true nature of the disease.

For example, in the medical establishment, many believe that obesity is the cause of diabetes. Obesity is the result of the increased intake of complex carbohydrates and simple sugars. The high rate of consumption of these products (which are made with acidifying foods sugar and processed wheat) leads to high acidity in the body. The body is trying to deal with the rise of acid waste grease that neutralize acid. Fat is stored as a measure of security for the cells in the body.

It is the belief that insulin is needed to regulate the levels of sugar in the blood on the bodies. "Insulin-dependent" term was coined, bring in the 1950s to the impression that fat and muscle mass (sugar created by the consumption of sugary foods and carbohydrates high) require insulin to glucose. Current studies show that many things differently in the body of the transport of glucose. Cells need glucose for its cellular respiration process. The body will ensure that cells that get no matter how much insulin to present.

Insulin resistance, which is a precursor of diabetes II type, is caused by a choice of lifestyle very acidic or sour foods. Occurs in the liver, muscle and fat cells. Hydrates of carbon, chocolate, sugar and excessive caffeine stimulate the tissues and organs. Stimulates the body cells start to share your glucose, and this leads to high levels of sugar in the blood, to see people when blood sugar test. The body's cells are unorganized and very acidic condition too much extra hours can cause problems including premature aging, hypertension, inhibiting the release of glycogen in the liver and inhibition of fat burning.

Promoting physical tissue acid food can cause much damage and diabetes type II is just a symptom of acid lifestyle. To bring the body back in balance green enclose Alcalinizantes vegetables, Greens and good fats in the diet. Vegetable proteins of grains and legumes help to restore the previous body homeostasis. PH Miracle diet includes a balanced plan with your body, instead of eating against you. Implementing the principles of nutrition, controlling and preventing diabetes, a matter of alkalized food and life is easy.

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