Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parasites and the pH Miracle diet

PH Miracle diet restores balance of the body. You give your diet body that is more in line with the alkaline State of its cells usually alkaline food. Surplus of acidic foods can cause several problems. Among other things, after the pH Miracle diet can also reduce your tendency to accommodate dangerous parasites on your system that can harm your health.

What have pH and parasites, to do with each other? The human body has a normal intracellular pH of approximately 7.4. This is somewhat alkaline. Parasites, the enemy bacteria, viruses, protozoa, amoebas and microscopic worms are, not between a pH of 7.2 to 7.4 life.

In the United States we have a diet, produces the high acidity on the intracellular level. This means acidosis and is one of the main causes of many diseases. Allowing rampant through the body run also parasites. For health, the balance of his body with a diet must restore alkalizing.

Finally everything we consume today is keeping our body in a State acid or a base (alkaline). Processed sugar and starch, which are both parents of the pillars of the Western diet, are some of the main culprit in acidification process. Natural sugars are minerals and vitamins in you. Fruits start as acids but are helping necessary minerals in you, the cells to become these acids of alkaline products. Processed sugar don't, and if used, release acid in the body. With heavy use of starch and sugar, the body becomes acid.

PH acid, intracellular level a breeding ground effect for parasites and in fact, that a mutation of the friendly intestinal flora in a condition called candidiasis. Candida natural yeast in the intestine is found. Holding, which you of another friendly bacteria balanced, living with him.

Overuse of sugar and the introduction of antibiotics that are these friendly bacteria is less often. Candida will mutate and grow uncontrollably. Candida symptoms are cravings uncontrollable, chronic infections, acne, dry skin, fatigue and frequent sinus infection. Parasites can also thrive when Candida, the friendly bacteria that is not there to keep you in check. Worms that would normally pass on the body are a welcoming ambience and strengths in the intestine.

Parasites can destroy cells faster than it can regenerate. You also toxic substances as a by-product produce his digestion. These toxins can cause allergic reactions and may cause that to develop the new food allergies. Parasites also irritated, invasion of the tissues of the body including the intestinal mucous membrane and even the skin. Parasites make difficult fabrics for that to work properly.

Finally can develop blockages of the body and this can pressure their organs of the body and the general body functions. Depressed immune system, and the presence of parasites can prevent that your body with its natural healing reactions. Finally, the continued presence of parasites in the body can prevent your body absorbs nutrients properly.

The good news is, the diet can restore balance of your body pH. Because of parasites from your system remove not living in an environment that diet helps between 7.2 and 7.4 pH, Alcalinizantes you. To follow this diet will able to reverse the process of acidification and your body in an inhospitable place for parasites.

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